Bump Little bump not even there, Smaller than a wisp of air, So potent and burdened with the possibilities, Of a little life that cannot be.


The rose that blooms before its time, in winter when the trees are stark, is no more beautiful than a rose garden. But with each petal that starts to wilt, feels so much more than what’s to come when a hundred petals fall by one, and suffocate the floor. Tended with the utmost care, you…

To My Father

I’d like to share my first ever poem from the heart with you here. You may take from it what you wish. For me it’s an expression of the loss one can all too often feel for a living person… feel free to comment and share what it is to you!

Carnival Evening, Rousseau

Every Thursday Creative Writing Ink post a photo to prompt a creative writing piece – so here goes! : The trees are so tall here. I know you’re sad, but try to look glad – make an impression – it’s kinda part of the job. You’d like it here if you tired dear, just look at…

The Petting Zoo Instruction Manual you bid for

  To whom it may concern, My name is Julia Parker and I am an accomplished accountant at Sumnet June Drafts. You might have heard about it if you’re from around these parts, although it’s just as likely that you haven’t, which might be because not many people know that the ‘t’ is silent… Anyway, I…